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How to Root OnePlus 5 and Install TWRP Recovery Easily {100% Working}

How to Root OnePlus 5 and Install TWRP Recovery Easily {100% Working}
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How can I root OnePlus 5 Device? OnePlus is one of the best smartphones in the world and OnePlus 5 is their latest model. OnePlus 5 got huge...

How can I root OnePlus 5 Device?

OnePlus is one of the best smartphones in the world and OnePlus 5 is their latest model. OnePlus 5 got huge attention in tech communities and it is officially launched on June 20. The device priced RS 32999 and awarded the best device available at this price currently.Sorry, we are not discussing the features or other specs of OnePlus 5 in this article. here I am showing you how to root OnePlus 5 android device and install TWRP recovery on it.
Hope you guys already knew about what is rooting and it’s advantages. Anyway, for formality, let me tell you that rooting is the process of getting root access to your Android OS completely.The main advantage of rooting is that you can install Root access needed apps and also you can uninstall system apps from your device. get ready to Root OnePlus 5 device.
So guys let me move to the Rooting section of OnePlus 5.
For rooting your OnePlus 5 phone you need to complete following 3 sections:
  1. Unlocking Bootloader: To root your device it is very important to unlock your bootloader. After unlocking the bootloader you can root your device also you will be able to install custom ROM on your device.

  2. Install TWRP Recovery: Yeah in this article as I said in the introduction we are installing TWRP recovery. There are lots of Recovery tools [like CWM] are available, but for rooting OnePlus 5 here we are using TWRP recovery. It’s one popular and useful recovery tool.

  3. Rooting: After installing TWRP recovery tool you can simply root your device with Super Su.

Hope you understand some basics of OnePlus 5 rooting. don’t worry there are no much hard steps. It is not hard as it sounds. Do follow below steps carefully and root OnePlus 5 easily.

Requirements and Notes:

  • OnePlus 5 device. 🙂
  • one computer, USB datacable.
  • Do enable Developer option in your OnePlus 5 device.
    You can enable developer option by going to settings>> about and there tap on build number 5-10 times. now on Settings, you can see developer options. Go to developer options and enable ‘OEM unlocking’ and ‘USB debugging’
  • OnePlus 5 master files with ADB drivers and TWRP custom recovery. [to be downloaded to your computer]
  • ADB and fastboot installed. [to be done on your computer]
  • SuperSU zip files

Steps: How to Root and Install TWRP Recovery on your OnePlus 5 Android device easily

Section 1: Unlock your OnePlus 5 Bootloader

  1. Hope you enabled developer options and done as said in requirements and notes section
  2. after that, turn off your OnePlus 5 device.
  3. Now press both the power button and volume up key simultaneously for 10-15 seconds. Yeah, now you will be in fastboot mode.
  4. Okay, now connect your OnePlus 5 to PC using USB cable. Hope you downloaded and extracted the files downloaded in the requirements section.
  5. Open the ADB drivers folder and press the “Shift button + Mouse right click” and then click on Open Command Window here.
  6. Okay, Now enter the below command there
    fastboot devices
    This command is to check everything fine or not. after entering this command If it shows the serial device correctly, then you have properly installed the files on your device.Now proceed to next step
  7. Then enter below command there to unlock your OnePlus 5 bootloader
    fastboot oem unlock1.Unlock-bootloader- oneplus 5
  8. Congrats, Now your OnePlus 5 bootloader is unlocked successfully. Now move to the second section of this tutorial

Section 2: How to Install TWRP Recovery on my OnePlus 5 phone

  1. Enter below command to install TWRP recovery on your OnePlus 5 [refer the images for more clarification. make sure that you are at the correct location].
    fastboot flash recovery twrp-3.1.1-0-oneplus5.img2.flash-recovery-adb-oneplus-5
  2. then run below command to boot your device to TWRP Recovery
    fastboot boot twrp-3.1.1-0-oneplus5.img
  3. Yo. Now your device will be booted in TWRP recovery mode. You need to swipe there to go to TWRP menu. Do tick mark on the ‘never show this screen’ and swipe it.
  4. Fine. Now you are completed the second section of the tutorial

Section 3: How to Root OnePlus 5 device

  1. Now download SuperSU files and move to your internal storage. [it is important that to keep SuperSU files in internal memory]
  2. Then boot your device to recovery mode.
    3. recovery mode- oneplus 5
  3. Now on TWRP recovery click on install. then select SuperSu zip file from the internal memory location. Here too you need to swipe the scroller at the bottom to confirm the flash option.
  4. Yo. Fine, your device is successfully rooted now. Reboot your device now and .supersu app will be there in your device It takes some more time for first-time boot
Guys, hope you completed the 3 sections successfully. 
SO, guys, that’s all about OnePlus 5 rooting and installing TWRP recovery tutorial. If you liked this tutorial then please do share with your friends. also, keep visiting for more tech tricks and news.

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