Monday, July 17, 2017

Jio4gvoice not connecting issue Fix [easy method] 2017

Jio4gvoice not connecting issue Fix [easy method] 2017
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Jio4gvoice not connecting issue Fix   Hi guys, This is the easiest solution of Jio4gvoice app is not connecting to the server. This errors o...

Jio4gvoice not connecting issue Fix

Hi guys, This is the easiest solution of Jio4gvoice app is not connecting to the server.
This errors occur most of the non volte phones. So, there is nothing to get dissapointed about.

Just follow the Steps and Enjoy uninterrupted Calling via Jio4gvoice App.

  • Download VPN master - Click Here

    • Install it in your Phone

    • Open VPN master  

    • Press On connect

    • Open Jio4gVoice App

    • Enjoy Calling ... 

      IF you All want a Video tutorial 

      Comment Below

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